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1. Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke Ali : Best Original Score For your Consideration
1. Ali Main Score
2. See The Sun
3. Black Attack II
4. Sleeper
5. Ali Main Score II
6. Time Flies Away
7. Adagio
8. That's What You Always Do
9. Black Attack III

Golden Globe Nominations
??/??/2001 (247)
For your consideration Best Score Original
Promotional CD For Golden Globe Awards - Golden Globe Nominations



2. Divers Ali : The Soundtrack
15. See The Sun

27/11/2001 (234)
Produced and performed by Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke.
Published by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
Official Edition CD - 493173-2



3. Hans Zimmer And Lisa Gerrard More music from Gladiator
1. Duduk Of The North
2. Now We Are free [Juba s Mix]
3. The Protector Of Rome
4. Homecoming
5. The General Who Became A Slave
6. The Slave Who Became A Gladiator
7. Secrets
8. Rome Is The Light
9. All That Remains
10. Maximus
11. Marrakesh Marketplace
12. The Gladiator Waltz
13. Figurines
14. The Mob
15. Busy Little Bee
16. Death Smiles At Us All
17. Not Yet
18. Now We Are free [Maximus Mix]

013 192-2
??/??/2001 (189)
Music composed and arranged by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, Additional music by and Klaus Badelt Produced by Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and Alan Meyerson
(track by track description by Hans Zimmer and comments by Lisa Gerrard)
Hans and Lisa wish to thank: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Branko Lustig, Laurie MacDonald, Walter Parks, Steven Spielberg, Douglas Wick, Bob Beemer, Chris Bleth, Tom Broderick, Emma Burnham, Ronni Casen, Marty Cohen, Ramin Djawadi, Bob Drwila, Randy Dry, Harry Garfield, Naette, john and Teresa Gerrard, Kevin Gore, Michael Gorfaine, Michael Grillo, Per Hallberg, Lisa Dennis Kennedy, Anne Lai, Milly Leigh, James Mathieson, Scott Millan, John, Kathy Nelson, Leah Panlilio, Elisa Perlman, Michael Reynolds, Jay Rifkin, Chris Roberts, Steven R. Sacks, Sam Schwartz, Wesley Sewell, Tom Squires, Lashna Tuschewsk1, Fulvio Valsangiacomo, Jeff Wopperer, Scott Wilkinson, chisako Yokoyama, Jake Zimmer, Suzanne Zimmer, Zoe Zimmer and The Media Ventures Team
Official Edition CD - 013 192-2


Promo US Acetate - Decca



4. Lisa Gerrard And Hans Zimmer More music from Gladiator - Promo
1. The Slave Who Became A Gladiator
2. Busy Little Bee
3. Now We Are free [Jubas Mix]

??/??/2001 (251)
Universal Classics Group
Acetate Edition CD - CDR



5. Hans Zimmer The Wings Of A Film
1. Now We Are free [Live]
2. Am I Not Merciful ? [Live]
12. Busa [Live]

??/??/2001 (193)
Vocals : Lisa Gerrard
Official Edition CD - 28946-77492-2