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1. Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance 1981 - 1998
1. Frontier [Demo]
2. Labour Of Love [Radio]
3. Ocean [Radio]
4. Orion [Radio]
5. Threshold [Radio]
6. Carnival Of Light [Radio]
7. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
8. De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)
9. Avatar
10. Enigma Of The Absolute
11. Summoning Of The Muse
12. Anywhere Out Of The World
13. Windfall
14. Cantara
15. In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-eyed Are Kings
16. Bird
17. The Protagonist
18. Severance
19. The Host Of Seraphim
20. Song Of Sophia
21. The Arrival And The Reunion
22. Black Sun
23. The Promised Womb
24. Saltarello
25. The Song Of The Sybil
26. Spirit
27. Yulunga (Spirit dance)
28. The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
29. Sloth [Radio]
30. Bylar [Live 1996]
31. The Carnival Is Over
32. The Spider's Stratagem
33. The Wind That Shakes The Barley [Radio]
34. How Fortunate The Man With None
35. I Can See Now [Live]
36. American Dreaming [Live]
37. Tristan [Live]
38. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) [Live]
39. Rakim [Live]
40. Gloridean [Live]
41. Don't Fade Away [Live]
42. Nierika
43. Song Of The Nile
44. Sambatiki
45. Indus
46. The Snake And The Moon [Edit]
47. The Lotus Eaters
48. Rakim [DVD Live Video]
49. The Song Of The Sybil [DVD Live Video]
50. I Can See Now [DVD Live Video]
51. American Dreaming [DVD Live Video]
52. Cantara [DVD Live Video]
53. The Wind That Shakes The Barley [DVD Live Video]
54. I Am Stretched On Your Grave [DVD Live Video]
55. Desert Song [DVD Live Video]
56. Oman [DVD Live Video]
57. Gloridean [DVD Live Video]
58. Tristan [DVD Live Video]
59. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) [DVD Live Video]
60. Don't Fade Away [DVD Live Video]
61. Matawa [DVD Video End Credits]
62. The Carnival Is Over [DVD Video]
63. The Host Of Seraphim [DVD Video]
64. Yulunga (Spirit dance) [DVD Video]
65. Frontier [DVD Video]
66. The Protagonist [DVD Video]

06/10/2001 (134)
From their uncompromising debut through to their last recording, Dead Can Dance operated outside the mainstream. Although they are one of 4AD's most successful and enduring acts, their sound has been misguidedly labelled 'gothic', 'world music' and everything in between. But the appeal of Dead Can Dance transcends the limitations of genre. As one magazine put it back in 1984, "The emotional strains harnessed by Dead Can Dance are of a beauty above and beyond the realms of the imagination."
Highly respected artists with a loyal global fanbase, Lisa and Brendan consistently made music full of integrity and passion. Both immensely talented vocalists - Lisa with her inimitable, mesmeric style and Brendan's haunting baritone - they were also gifted, instinctive musicians and their melding of traditional instruments with samplers created a bridge between ancient and modern musics.
The release of the much-anticipated Dead Can Dance box set, 1981-1998, is now just weeks away (Rhino are issuing the collection in the US on the 6th November. Their packaging is slightly different to ours and the DVD will be NTSC standard rather than PAL).
Compiled with the help of Brendan and Lisa, the 3 audio discs contain material spanning the band's entire recording career with 4AD and include previously unreleased and rare tracks. The DVD comprises their stunning in-concert film 'Toward The Within' plus promotional videos. A 108 page booklet featuring interviews with Lisa, Brendan and Ivo Watts-Russell as well as song lyrics and musician credits completes this beautifully presented package.
Dead Can Dance 1981-1998 will be released on 19 November.
4AD Official European Edition - 3CD + 1DVD - DCDBOX1


4AD Official US Edition - 3CD + 1DVD - Rhino DCDBOX1



2. Dead Can Dance HTV Music History
1. Yulunga (Spirit dance)
2. Saltarello
3. Song Of The Dispossessed
4. Mephisto
5. Radharc
6. Ullyses
7. Saldek
8. The Human Game
9. The Arrival And The Reunion
10. The Carnival Is Over
11. Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book
12. Windfall
13. Emmeleia
14. Piece For A Solo Flute [Live]
15. Tristan [Live]
16. I Am Stretched On Your Grave [Live]
17. In The Wake Of Adversity
18. Avatar
19. Spirit
20. Ariadne
21. The Host Of Seraphim
22. Rakim [Live]
23. Anywhere Out Of The World
24. The Song Of The Sybil
25. Towards The Within
26. Echolalia
27. Mesmerism
28. Tell Me About The Forest (You once called home)
29. The Snake And The Moon
30. The Writing Of My Father's Hand
31. The Garden Of Zephirus
32. Laurelei
33. Song Of Sophia
34. Oman
35. Orbis de Ignis
36. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
37. As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins
38. Ajhon
39. Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [Live]
40. Cantara
41. Wilderness
42. To Zucchabar

??/??/2001 (81)
Compilation Russe contenant des extraits de tous les albums de Dead Can Dance.
Le CD contient une biographie.

HALAHUP Records - Russian Bootleg - CD - HAL789



3. Dead Can Dance Naspter Remixes
1. The Host Of Seraphim [Trance Mix]
2. Awakening (Dead Can Dance) [Live Mix]
3. Now We Are free [Mix]
4. The Host Of Seraphim [Techno Mix]
5. The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove [DJ Alpha Mix]
6. Piece For A Solo Flute [Mix with Bjork]
7. Black Sun [Mix with Eno]
8. Tristan [Mix with Sade]
9. Piece For A Solo Flute [Mix with Tangerine Dream]
10. The Wind That Shakes The Barley [Mix with V-love]
11. Song Of Sophia [Andy Adler & DJ Chochi Mix]
12. Saltarello [Mix with Loreena McKlein]
13. Now We Are free [Mega Bass Mix]
13. Elysium [Mega Bass Mix]
13. Honor Him [Mega Bass Mix]
16. Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [George Alexiades Mix]
17. Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [Mix With Massive Attack]
18. Barramundi [80 Megamix]

??/??/2001 (196)
Remixes trouvÈs sur Napster.
La plupart sont rÈalisÈs par des DJ's.
MP3 - Remixes



4. The Future Sound Of London - 2001 Papa New Guinea
1. Papa New Guinea [7" Original]
2. Papa New Guinea [Satoshi Tomiie Radio-Path]
3. Papa New Guinea [Hybrid Radio Edit]
4. Papa New Guinea [Blue States Mix]
5. Papa New Guinea [Simian Mix]

??/??/2001 (221)
Contient un sample de DAWN OF THE ICONOCLAST.
Official Edition CD - CDS TOT 44



5. Dead Can Dance Sampler
1. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) [Live]
2. American Dreaming [Live]
3. The Carnival Is Over
4. Nierika
5. The Lotus Eaters
6. The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

??/??/2001 (57)
Songs from the box set CD1/CD2/CD3/DVD DEAD CAN DANCE 1981-1998
For promotional use only
4AD Promotional Edition CD - DCD8198CD01