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1. Divers Breakdown
3. Saturday's Child

??/??/1999 (111)
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Taken from the 4AD Release "Eye Of The Hunter" (CAD9015CD)
Promotional CD - CAN001CD



2. Divers Elegy numÈro 6
7. Voyage Of Bran

??/??/1999 (152)
(p) Brendan Perry 1999 4AD Ltd 5mn30
Promotional French CD - ELGCD0006



3. Brendan Perry Eye Of The Hunter
1. Saturday's Child
2. Voyage Of Bran
3. Medusa
4. Sloth
5. I Must Have Been Blind
6. The Captive Heart
7. Death Will Be My Bride
8. Archangel

CAD 9015 CD
05/10/1999 (159)
Brendan PERRY : Voice,12 Strings & Electric guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards
Glen GARRETT : Electric and upright bass
Liam BRADLEY : Drums
Martin QUINN : Pedal steel guitar
Michael BRUNNOCK : Backing vocals on Saturday's child

Produced by Brendan PERRY at QUIVVY - All songs written by Brendan PERRY (Beggars Banquet/Momentum Music Ltd) except I must have been blind by Tim BUCKLEY (Third Story Music Co. Inc / Carlin Music Corp). - Mastered by Walter COELHO at Masterpiece - Art direction by Brendan PERRY - Design by Chris BIGG - Back cover photograph by Dennis DI CICCO - Other textures by V23.

ZOMBA Promotional Edition CD - RTD 120.2178.2


Russian Bootleg CD - DCDFCD02000106


4AD Official Edition CD - CAD 9015 CD


Rough Trade Official CD - CAD 9015 CD


US Promo Edition - CAD 9015


4AD Promotional Edition CD - CAD 9015


4AD LP Edition - CAD 9015



4. Peter Ulrich Pathways And Dawns

07/09/1999 (70)
Tracks :
1. Taqaharu's Leaving
2. Always Dancing
3. Life Amongts The Black Sheep
4. Journey Of Discovery
5. Nocturne
6. Evocation
7. The Springs Of Hope
8. Time And A Word
Programming and sequencing by Peter Ulrich, Brendan PERRY and John A. Rivers
Guitar, hurdy gurdy adn tin whistles : Brendan PERRY
Arranged and produced by Brendan PERRY
Recorded at Quivvy Church, Ireland, January - April 1997
12"EP Released on January 1990. Special Thanks to Brendan And Lisa for so much inspiration and help
Le 12"EP ne contient que Taqaharu's Leaving et Evocation.
PROJEKT Official Edition - CD - PRO95


PROJEKT Promotional Edition - CD - PRO95


Corner Stone Records 12" EP - PTD-001



5. Divers Unconditionally Guaranted 11
18. I Must Have Been Blind

01/12/1999 (165)
Taken from the album EYE OF THE HUNTER 4AD Ltd
Uncut Promo Edition - UNCUT-UG1218



6. Brendan Perry Voyage Of Bran
1. Voyage Of Bran [Complete album version]

04/10/1999 (147)
Brendan PERRY Eye of the Hunter - First solo record from Brendan PERRY of DEAD CAN DANCE "Voyage of Bran" (complete album version)
FREE preview of one of the tracks of the eagerly awaited debut album by Brendan PERRY, entitled "Eye of the Hunter".
Brendan PERRY's warm, beautiful vocals will be familiar to many from his work as a founding member of Dead Can Dance.
"'Eye of the Hunter" is Brendan's first solo outing - all songs on the album were written by Brendan PERRY with the exception the Tim Buckley "I must have been blind". The album was produced and recorded by Brendan PERRY at Quivvy. "Eye of the Hunter" was performed by Brendan PERRY (vocals, guitars, Mandolin and Keyboards), Liam BRADLEY (drums), Martin QUINN (pedal steel guitar) and Michael BRUNNOCK (backing vocals on Saturday's child). Brendan will be playing live shows in Blegium 18th of october in BRUSSELS/BOTANIQUE and the 19th in AMSTERDAM/MELKWEG.
The album : 'Eye of the hunter' will be temporalily available for an introduction price in this shop. Release date 4th of October.

PIAS Promo Release - Cardboard Single CD - XPL BPERRY



7. Divers Zilloscope : New Signs & Sounds 11/99
18. Voyage Of Bran

Zilloscope 11/99
01/11/1999 (164)
vom album EYE OF THE HUNTER 4AD/Zomba
Zillo Promo Edition - Zilloscope 11/99