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1. Lisa Gerrard And Graham Revell 13th Warrior

??/??/1998 (264)
Rejected alternative soundtrack for The 13th WARRIOR



2. Divers Anakin
9. Sacrifice

TAD 8001 CD
??/??/1998 (168)
Through the surrender of mind and flesh we find sacrifice. Through sacrifice we understand our birthright; the ability to love absolutely.
4AD Official Edition Digipack CD - TAD 8001 CD



3. Lisa Gerrard Duality
1. Shadow Magnet
2. Tempest
3. Forest Veil
4. The Comforter
5. The Unfolding
6. Pilgrimage Of Lost Children
7. The Human Game
8. The Circulation Of Shadows
9. Sacrifice
10. Nadir (Synchronicity)

CAD 8004 CD
13/04/1998 (112)
Engineered by Pieter Bourke
Recorded at home in Gippsland, Australia
Mastered by Don Tyler at Precision Mastering Special thanks to Chris Staley for his assistance and input Final mixes monitored on the TAS system supplied by Absolute High End
Thank you Jacek, Nanette, John and Florencia for your support

All tracks written, performed and produced by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
Except Tempest written by Lisa Gerrard, Pieter Bourke and Madjid Khaladj
All tracks published by Beggars Banquet Music Ltd / Momentum Music Ltd / Polygram Music Publishing
Msdjid Khaladj appears courtesy of Ab Sur
Design by Chriss Bigg at v23. Painting by Jacek Tuschewski
Lisa Gerrard's web site http://www.lisagerrard.com
L'edition limitÈe inclue le CD Single The Human Game avec Awakening et Jungabaya
4AD Official Edition - CD - CAD 8004 CD


4AD Official Limited Edition - CD - CAD 8004 CD


Russian Bootleg CD - DS98089


4AD Promotional Edition Cardboard CD - 2-46854-AB


4AD Promotional Edition Jewel CD - 2-46854-AB


4AD Promotional French CD - CAD 8004 CD


US Edition -



4. Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke Duality - Sales Presentation Video

25/02/1998 (175)
Sales presentation including The Human Game with interviews excerpts from Toward The Within and videos excerpts from Toward The Within and Sanvean video.
VHS NTSC (Stereo) 4AD The Mastering Studio
4AD Promotional Video - WO16657



5. Divers Musiques de nuit - Volume 4
10. Sacrifice

??/??/1998 (151)
Depuis ses dÈbuts sur Fun Radio, Max est un des seuls animateurs en France ‡ prendre le risque de programmer la nuit des musiques instrumentales et expÈrimentales.
EncouragÈ par le succËs auprËs de ses auditeurs, il sort une compilation de ses coups de coeurs en mars 1997. Pour nous les faire dÈcouvrir. Libre ‡ nous, ensuite, d'acheter les albums! (peu de risques que nous soyons dÈÁusÖ) L'accueil du public est enthousiaste.
Aujourd'hui Max en est ‡ son quatriËme "Musiques de Nuit"
French Edition - CD - 84795023



6. Lisa Gerrard Sanvean / The Human Game
1. The Human Game
2. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow)

??/??/1998 (126)
The Human Game is taken from the new album DUALITY available on the 14 April 1998
Sanvean is taken from the album THE MIRROR POOL
4AD Promotional Edition CD - LG002CD



7. Divers The April 1998 Guide
4. The Human Game
4. Sacrifice
4. Nadir (Synchronicity)

Guide April 1998
01/04/1998 (169)
Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke (2-46854)
Promotional CD - Guide April 1998



8. Lisa Gerrard The Human Game - Promotional Single
1. The Human Game [Radio edit]

VISA 4299
13/03/1998 (122)

4AD Promotional Edition K7 - PRO-CD-9235


4AD Promotional Acetate CD - Acetate 01


4AD Promotional Acetate CD - Acetate 02


4AD Promotional French CD - VISA 4299


4AD Promotional US Edition CD - PRO-CD-9235



9. Lisa Gerrard The Human Game - Single
1. The Human Game [Edit]
2. Awakening
3. Jungabaya

13/03/1998 (118)
Awakening and Jungabaya are taken from the film
Nadro, he who does not forget
Nadro, The man, frÈdÈric Bruly BouabrÈ, aneighty-year old artist-writer philosopher from the Ivory Coast.
Nadro, the film, written and directed by Ivana Massetti.
Rough Trade Official Single CD - RTD



10. Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke The Human Game DVD
11. The Human Game [Video]

??/??/1998 (271)
DVD promotionnel avec le clip THE HUMAN GAME
Promo DVD - PC50



11. Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke The Human Game Remix
1. The Human Game [Remix]
2. Nadir (Synchronicity) [Remix]
3. Jungabaya [Remix]
4. Majhnavea's Music Box [Remix]


??/??/1998 (177)
Mixes by a fan.
Israelian Bootleg -