"Discographie » Lisa Gerrard » 1996
1. Divers The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 2
10. Bylar [Live 1995]

??/??/1996 (137)
Written by Lisa Gerrard and Robert Perry
Performed by Lisa Gerrard, Robert Perry, John Bonnar, Pieter Bourke, Mark Ellis and Jacek Tuschewski
Engineered by Geffrey Perrin and produced John Diliberto.
Official Release - CD - EDC1002



2. Divers These Wings Without Feathers
3. Untitled by Lisa Gerrard 1996
7. Dream Song

DNDC - 007CD
??/??/1996 (140)
Artwork by Julian Vel
This is a compilation of the De Nova De Capo label.
Lisa Gerrard contributed the following two tracks:
Untitled (track 3)
Dream Song (track 7)
The other contributors are:
Co Ex, Ronan Quays & Elijah's Mantle
Distributed by:
World Serpent Distribution - Unit 7-i-7 Seager Builging - Brookmill Road - London SE8 4HL - England
Official Release - CD - DNDC - 007CD