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1. Dead Can Dance A Sampler
1. The Snake And The Moon
2. Indus
3. The Song Of The Sybil
4. Yulunga (Spirit dance)
5. American Dreaming

??/??/1996 (64)
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Dead Can Dance has been exploring the possibilities of richly spiritual, mesmerizing music for more than a decade and a half now, developing and nuturing its sound from the raw ans simplistic to the melodic and complex, in styles which recall all four corners of the globe.
Spiritchaser, Dead Can Dance's seventh studio album, is a grand, lush and rewarding affair. It abounds with atmospheric percussion, gorgeous instrumental detail and the shared vocal acrobatics of principals Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, who have been taking DCD's sound where very few of their contemporaries have dared follow, let alone imagined.
Discography :
Dead Can Dance (1984) the band's first album, incorporates the Garden of the arcane delights EP and shouldn't be missed: classic early DCD. Spleen and Ideal (1985) and Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (1987) successfully presented more complex instrumentation as well as an interested in French symbolist poetry. The Serpent's Egg (1988) and Aion (1990) found the band expertly balancing twin flames of medievalism and exoticism. Into The Labyrinth (1993) and 1994's live disc, Toward The Wihtin, both reached across borders and broke new ground for DCD, touching on various folk traditions in a fresh manner and attaining a spiritual level best described as purely magical.
Also available: Lisa Gerrard's The Mirror Pool (1995)
4AD Promotional Edition K7 - PRO-C-8394



2. Birmimgham 6 Error Of Judgement

CLP 9748-2
??/??/1996 (228)
2. Summertime Is Over contient un sample de Lisa Gerrard.
Official Edition CD - CLP 9748-2



3. Divers Exotic Sounds From Many Worlds
4. The Host Of Seraphim

??/??/1996 (110)

Official Release - CD - 35738-2



4. Dead Can Dance Nierika
1. Nierika
2. DedicacÈ OutÚ
3. The Snake And The Moon

??/??/1996 (96)

4AD Promotional Edition 12" - DCD 2



5. The Future Sound Of London - 1996 Papa New Guinea
1. Papa New Guinea [7" Original]
2. Papa New Guinea [Andrew Weatherall Mix]
3. Papa New Guinea [Dub Mix]
4. Papa New Guinea [Journey To Piramid]
5. Papa New Guinea [Graham Massey Mix]
6. Papa New Guinea [Dumb Child Of A Q Mix]
7. Papa New Guinea [12" Original]
8. Papa New Guinea [Hamish McDonald Mix]

??/??/1996 (220)
Contient un sample de DAWN OF THE ICONOCLAST.
Official Edition CD - HYPNOTIC CLP9743-2



6. Dead Can Dance Sambatiki
1. Sambatiki

C2010 DCD 4
02/06/1996 (105)
Included with the 1996 Tour Programme.
TournÈe mondiale du 02/06/1996 au 30/08/1996.
49 concerts prÈvus, 2 annulÈs.

Tour Program - C2010 DCD 4



7. Dead Can Dance Spiritchaser
1. Nierika
2. Song Of The Stars
3. Indus
4. Song Of The Dispossessed
5. DedicacÈ OutÚ
6. The Snake And The Moon
7. Song Of The Nile
8. Devorzhum

CAD 6008CD
03/06/1996 (53)
All instruments performed by Brendan Perry & Lisa Gerrard except:
Renaud Pion: Turkish clarinet on Indus; Peter Ulrich: Percussion on Nierika & DedicacÈ OutÚ; Lance Hogan: Percussion on Nierika & DedicacÈ OutÚ; Ronan O'Snodaigh: Percussion on Nierika & DedicacÈ OutÚ; Robert Perry: Percussion on Nierika & DedicacÈ OutÚ; Klaus Vormehr: Percussion on Nierika & DedicacÈ OutÚ.
Written, recorded and produced by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard at Quivvy Church.
Design and Art Direction by Chris Bigg at v23.
In memory of Mark Gerrard and Eleanor Vormehr.
Thanks to Geoffrey Perrin, Fred M¸ller, Noel Long, Klaus Vormehr, Peader Gaffney and Andrew Hutton without whom...

4AD Official Edition CD - CAD 6008CD


Russian Bootleg Edition - JPCD9607240


4AD Promotional Edition CD - CAD 6008CDp


4AD Promotional US Edition CD - 2/4-46230


4AD Official Edition K7 - CAD 6008 C


4AD Official Edition LP - DAD 6008



8. Dead Can Dance The Hidden Gems
1. To The Shore [Out Of A Serpents Egg]
2. Awakening (Dead Can Dance)
3. Reached From Above
4. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
5. They Don't Even Cry
6. Lyndra
7. Eyeless In Gaza
8. Pray For Dawn [Spleens]
9. Isabella [Lilian Colours]
10. The Serpent's Army [Jejum]
11. Rakim
12. Oman
13. At First And Then
14. Noctambulist
15. Mourner Rose
16. Forest Of Souls
17. Isabella [Karath]
18. Lament
19. Sailing The Seas
20. Matawa [Video End Credits]

??/??/1996 (186)
Excerpts from 'The Golden age', 'Gothic spleens', 'Meditabor', 'Dark Christ-mas', 'Berklee performance center 1993', 'Exit to eden' and 'Toward the within Video'
A Bliss And Fetish Recording Bootleg - B&F3



9. Dead Can Dance The Snake And The Moon
1. The Snake And The Moon [Edit]
2. Song Of The Nile

RTD 120.2051.3 16
??/??/1996 (59)
Written, recorded and produced by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard at Quivvy Church.
Published by Beggars Banquet Music Ltd. / Momentum Music Ltd.
p 1996 4AD.
c 1996 Rough Trade Records.
Design by Chris Bigg at v23
Photography by Kevin Westenberg
Rough Trade Official Single CD - RTD 120.2051.3 16


PIAS Official Release - Cardboard Single CD - 170.1111.24



10. Dead Can Dance The Snake And The Moon
1. The Snake And The Moon [Edit]

??/??/1996 (61)
Promotion Only. NOT FOR SALE.
Written, Recorded and Produced By Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard At Quivvy Church

4AD Promotional Edition CD - PRO-CD-8306-R


French Promitional Edition - CD -



11. Dead Can Dance You Can Rely On Toast
1. The Snake And The Moon
2. Indus
3. Song Of The Dispossessed


??/??/1996 (98)

4AD Promotional Edition CD -