"Discographie » Dead Can Dance » 1995
1. Dead Can Dance The Rare Traxx
1. Oman [Fuaelo]
2. Pray For Dawn [Spleens]
3. Isabella [Lilian Colours]
4. Rakim [End Of A Circle]
5. Desert Song [Desert Sun]
6. Tristan [Mystical Rain]
6. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow)
7. Sailing The Seas [Sailing The Sea]
8. American Dreaming [Watch Over Me]
9. To The Shore [Out Of A Serpents Egg]
10. Sailing The Seas [Amelia]
11. Gloridean [Ignis]
12. Oman [Lost Treasure]
13. Severance [Forest Of Souls]
14. Mourner Rose [Factuus]
15. Yulunga (Spirit dance) [Empty Dreams]
16. Forest Of Souls [Mourner Rose]
17. Desert Song [Garden Of Refuge]
18. Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [Ichor]

??/??/1995 (204)
This CD contains a collection of rare mystical live tapes you may never listened to before. It took us pretty long time to at least present you this unique compilation. We hope you really feel the dark atmosphere.
Shinola Bootleg - SH69037