"Discographie » Dead Can Dance » 1992
1. Dead Can Dance Closer To Heaven / Enigma Of The Absolute / Europe 1987
1. Anywhere Out Of The World
2. The Host Of Seraphim
3. The Arcane
4. Swans
5. Cantara
6. Indoctrination (A Design For Living)
7. Dreams Made Flesh
8. Enigma Of The Absolute
9. Ocean
10. In The Wake Of Adversity
11. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
12. Xavier
13. Circumradiant Dawn
14. Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers)
15. At First And Then
16. Avatar
17. Severance
18. The Children's Toys

??/??/1992 (208)
Closer To Heaven 3DD records
Limited Edition of 1.000 copies - 22/11/1987
Enigma Of The Absolute Mind The Magic Records
Total Time 74:00 - Live In Europe 1987
Europe 1987 Live Storm Records
All songs by B.Perry And L.Gerrard
Performed by B.Perry And L.Gerrard

Live Storm Bootleg - LSCD51514


Mind The Magic Bootleg - MTM024


3DD Records - 1992



2. Dead Can Dance Gothic Spleens / Influences From The Middle Age
1. To The Shore [Out Of A Serpents Egg]
2. Song Of Sophia
3. Oman [Fuaelo]
4. The Song Of The Sybil
5. Pray For Dawn [Spleens]
6. Swans [Arabian Gothic]
7. Cantara
8. Towards The Within [?]
9. Isabella [Lilian Coulours]
10. Rakim [End Of A Circle]
11. Tristan [Bonus 1]
12. The Serpent's Army [Bonus 2]
13. As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins [Bonus 3]

??/??/1992 (212)
Gothic Spleens
Contient 3 chansons en Bonus - Live Radio Broadcast
Enregistrement provenant de la table de mixage : le meilleur bootleg de DEAD CAN DANCE
Influences From The Middle Age
Live in the 90's
Le son est trÈs mauvais ! et ne contient pas les chansons 8, 11, 12 et 13

Mind The Magic Bootleg - MTM003


Bootleg CD - DCD2610


Digipack Bootleg Edition - DCD2610



3. Divers Lilliput
1. The Host Of Seraphim

??/??/1992 (94)
The nicely silkscreened cd's are built into the front and back cover of a 10" book. The covers are thick chipboard with a blue and orange Chris Bigg scibble on the front and a cryptic number thing on the back (33 and 45 rpms, 15 and 300/500). The first half of the book has a short story about the development of 4AD along with various v23 photos. The second half of the book gives each of the bands on disc 2 two pages and a very short description. Also, the book has a shiny gold 4AD logo stuck on the front and the whole thing is bound with binding tape. At first, it looked like it was taped back together, but after closer examination, it is part of the design. A t-shirt came with the package. It's grey with the blue and orange design and the number thing. The shirt is 25% polyester! Limited edition of 3000 copies. 2500 were shipped til the USA as a promo item for Warner Brothers and US retailers. Also released in Taiwan as ´The Sounds of 4ADª, which might be a bootleg. ´A Thousand Stars Burst Openª plays as a part of the last track and not listed on the cover.
Thanks to Rainsford for letting me use his scans of Lilliput. Please visit his fabulous DCD collection at : Dead Can Dance Library - http://www.deadcandancelibrary.com
4AD Promotional Edition CD - LILLIPUT



4. Hector Zazou Sahara Blue
5. Youth
10. Black Stream

WK 57779
??/??/1982 (41)
Brendan Perry: vocals, percussion & tin whistle; Lisa Gerrard: vocals; Susan Deihim: middle vocals; David Sylvian: guitars; Nabil Khalidi: oud; Christian Lechevretel: trombones; Daniel Yvenee: bass; Hector Zazou: synth & sampled guitars; Engineers: Jean-Loup Morette (Davout), Brendan Perry; Arrangements cuivres: C. Lechevretel
Black Stream
Lisa Gerrard: vocals & yang ch'in; Brendan Perry: synth; Lightwave: synth & electronic percussion; Ryuichi Sakamoto: piano; Hector Zazou: synth & samplers; Engineers: Jean-Loop Morette (Davout), Giles Martin (Jet), Brendan Perry; Arrangements cuivres: Pion-Lechevretel
Artwork and design by pop X studio
ATTENTION, l'Èdition franÁaise ne contient pas les chansons Black Stream et Youth qui sont remplacÈes par 'To A Reason' et 'Victim Of Stars'
5. Youth
All calculations set to one side;
The inevitable Descent from Heaven,
A visitation of memories and a seance of rhythms
Invades my house, my head,
And the world to mind.

A horse leaps forward on suburban turf,
Past planted fields and streches of woods
Misty with carbonic plague.
A wretched theatrical woman, somewhere in the world,
Sighs after an improbable indulgence.
Desperadoes lie dreaming of storm, and of wounds and debauch.
Along small streams the little children sit,
Stifling their curses.

Let us turn once more to our studies,
To the noise of insatiable movement
That forms and ferments in the masses.

10. Black Stream
Where the stars sleep in the calm black stream,
Like some great lily, pale Ophelia floats,
Slowly floats, wound in her veils like a dream.
Half heard in the woods, halloos from distant throats.

A thousand years has sad Ophelia gone
Glimmering on the water, a phantom fair:
A thousand years her soft distracted song
Has waked the answering evening air.


US Edition - WK 57779


French Edition - CD - COL 472126 2