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1. Dario Argento Demons 2

25/03/1987 (202)
Le film contient une chanson extraite de SPLEEN AND IDEAL de Dead Can Dance.
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2. Divers Lonely Is An Eyesore
5. Frontier [Demo]
9. The Protagonist

CAD 703 CD
??/??/1987 (15)

Frontier written and produced by Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry. Recorded on 4 track in Belgrave, Melbourne, 1979. Engineered by Ron Stecher; Mixed at Blackwing, London, Nov '86; Egineered by Jonathan Dee. The Protagonist written and performed by Brendan Perry. Produced by Brendan Perry & John A. Rivers; Engineered by John A. Rivers; Recorded and mixed at Woodbine Studios, Leamington Spa.

Produced by L. Gerrard/B. Perry Recorded on 4 track in Belgrave, Melbourne, 1979, Engineered by Ron Stecher, Mixed at Blackwing, London, Nov '86, Egineered by Jonathan Dee
Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, the two main protagonists, live high up in a high rise. God only knows whether it's getting them closer to heaven...their music tries. It ignores fashion, reaches out for historical touchstones (the choral, the classical, the symphonic), searches for some nebulous, non-aligned spirituality. Add to the fact that some of their work would hardly be misplaced accompanying a mysterious, undefined cinematic quest like Antonioni's The Passenger, and Dead Can Dance begin to seem almost ridiculously ambitious.
But they prefer to impose stringent austerity measures on their art rather than succumb to grand conceit. They pursue the big questions with a discipline of thought and attention to detail in composition, and the result is usualy something statuesque and solid enough to withstand the ravages of time. This is a music built to last.
`Frontier' (on this record in its original demo form) was recorded in one take because the essential juices were leaking so fast from the water-filled oil drume Perry was battering. Somehow, such necessary spontineity gave way to their taking a year to conceive and record their second album 'Spleen and Ideal'. That the visceral effcts of their music have remained the same is either a testament to immense luck, or great ability. No-one should have much trouble deciding which.

The Protagonist
Written and Performed: Brendan Perry,Produced: Brendan Perry/John A. Rivers, Engineered: John A. Rivers, Recorded and Mixed: Woodbine Studios, Leamington Spa
All tracks written or recorded specifically for this "Lonely is an Eyesore" compilation and its accompanying video, except Dead Can Dance's "Frontier", which is the original 4 track recording. Sleeves and booklets designed by 23 Envelope. Stills are from the "Lonely is an Eyesore " video, directed by Nigel Grierson of 23 Envelope, except Throwing Muses' "Fish", which was directed by Danger Video. Commentaries by Arthur Parker. Typeset at Zeta, London. Originiation at Botany Lithographic, Tonbridge, Kent.

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3. Dead Can Dance Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun
1. Anywhere Out Of The World
2. Windfall
3. In The Wake Of Adversity
4. Xavier
5. Dawn Of The Iconoclast
6. Cantara
7. Summoning Of The Muse
8. Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers)

CAD 705
27/07/1987 (7)
Violin: Alison Harling, Emlyn Singleton; Viola: Piero Gasparini; Cello: Tony Gamage, Gus Ferguson; Trumpet: Mark Gerrard; Trombone: Richard Avison, John Singleton; Bass Trombone and Tuba: Andrew Claxton; Oboe: Ruth Watson; Timpani and Military Snare: Peter Ulrich.
All other instruments and voices performed by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard.

Photograph by Bernard Oudin
Written by: Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard
Produced by: Dead Can Dance and John A. Rivers
Engineered by: John A. Rivers and Francisco Cabeza
Recorded/Mized: Woodbine Street Recording Studios April/May 1987
1. Anywhere Out Of The World
We scaled
the face of reason
to find
at least one sign
that would reveal
the true dimensions
of life...
lest we forget.

And maybe it's easier to withdraw from life,
with all of its misery and wretched lies,
away from harm.

We lay
by cool, still waters
and gazed
into the sun.
And like the moth's
great imperfection,
to her fatal charm.

And maybe it's me who dreams unrequited love,
the victim of fools who watch
and stand in line away from harm!

In our vain pursuit
of life for one's own end
will this crooked path
ever cease to end?
3. In The Wake Of Adversity
Hey Patrice, don't cry they've no reason to argue at all
they don't realise that the angels surround you with light
they don't understand their narrow ways defeat them where they stand
they don't realise you hide the sadness beneath a painted smile.
Ignorance, that line of fools steers a wayward path
and set the course upon which we sing into the night of uncertainty.
Following the stars that make their way across the sky
valuing the love that land brings to our eyes
We sail...
4. Xavier
Fair roseanna your vagrancy’s a familiar tale
Fraught with danger the lives you led were judged profane

Hatred enfolds us
Inculcates the minds with it’s heresy
Laymen enfold us
Clemency arrives to set you free

Although xavier has prayed
That life-giving waters may rain
Down on the souls of man
To cure them of their ways

These were the sins of xavier’s past
Hung like jewels in the forest of veils
Deep in the heart where the mysteries emerge
Eve bears the stigma of original sin

Freedom so hard when we are all bound by laws
Etched in the seam of nature’s own hand
Unseen by all those who fail in their pursuit of faith

Although xavier has prayed
That life-giving waters may rain
Down on the souls of man
To cure them of their ways

And as the night turns into day
Will the sun illuminate your way
Or will the nightmares come home to stay
Xavier’s love lies in chains

These were the sins of xavier’s past
Hung like jewels in the forest of veils

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