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1. Scavengers and Marching Girls AK79
3. Routine [Scavengers]
4. Mysterex [Scavengers]
7. True Love [Scavengers]
21. First In Line [Marching Girls]
25. True Love [Marching Girls]

??/??/1980 (29)
The Scavengers / Marching Girls
The Scavengers came out of the ATI graphie design course in early 1977 originally a four piece with Mike Lesbian on vocals Johnny was a big 1ggy, Kiss, New York Dolls, Keith Richard fan, and their early sets were allcovers ofthese bands, and early punk classics They used to have regular practice session/parties in Customs Street We were at one when two cops tried to shut it down, before being locked into a broom closet The Scavs and the Reptiles were almost inseparable throughout 1977 but when Zwines opened the Scavs became the resident band They recorded an unreleased single for Polydor In March 1978 Mike Lesbian left and Ronnie took over vocals The new Scavs used to practice on our front lawn in deepest Remuera, before embarking on the longest series of farewell gigs in history This did not go down well with the neighbours In mid 1979 the Scavengers moved to Melbourne where they became the Marching Girls, returning to sellout gigs in early 1980 They also toured NZ with The Birthday Party in 1982, although minus Ronnie Ron had moved to London (from whence he came), changed his name back to Brendan Perry, and signed to 4AD Records as Dead Can Dance, who in 1993 were still recording
Lineup: Ronnie Recent (bass, vocals), Johnny Volume (guitar), Oes Truction (aka Des Hefner) (drums), Mike Lesbian (vocals on track 3)
Routine (Cooke/Perry/Munro/Simmons) the unreleased single Recorded at Mandrill, Jan 1978
Mysterex (Cooke/Perry/Munro) a real nasty song about Mike Lesbian Recorded at Mascot 1978
Produced by The Scavengers and on AK79
True Love (Cooke/Perry/Munro) the best first line ever recorded Recorded at Mascot 1978 by the band on AK79.
First in Line (Cooke/Perry/Munro) from the Marching Girls single, released in Australia by Au Go Go, UK by Postcard, and in NZ by Propeller (REV 4).
Recorded Melbourne 1 979 by the band
True Love (Cooke/Perry/Munro) rerecorded by The Marching Girls in Melbourne for their single Reached number 35 in NZ charts
This compilation contains aIl of the original 1980 release AK79. this being tracks 4 to 15 (in the original order). first released on Ripper Records RPRl, plus various singles and unreleased tracks from the era 1977 80 Compiled by Simon Grigg. Roger Shepherd and (the original AK79) Bryan Staff Band notes by Simon Grigg Photos by Jonathan Tidball. Anthony Phelps. Bryan Staff. Murray Cammick. Peter Cathro. Artwork repackaged by Andrew White for Revolver Design. Mastered at Airforce Studios Auckland. September 1993. by Luke Thomas Some of the original tapes from this period have either been lost. or thrown out when the pressing plant closed, so a few tracks have come from vinyl, giving the odd crackle here and there. Unfortunate but unavoidable Special thanks to Real Groovy Records, aueen Street. Auckland. without whom parts of this would have been impossible, Dedicated to the bands from the Auckland punk scene that didn't make it onto vinyl The Masochists.
Atrocities. Aliens. Rednecks. Mucky Pups. ldle ldols. Zerox. Dentists. Repectables. Brunnettes. Phantoms. Junk. Berlin. Electrabeat. Secret Agents. Stimulators. Sheerlux. Europe. Abortions. Superettes. Assassins. Hookers. Front Line. Corduroys.The Fire Engines and the rest Plus the crucial venues Moody Richard's/Crofts. Diamond Dogs, State Theatre, Disco D'Dra. Zwines, State Theatre. Classic Cinema. Globe, XS CafÈ. Mainstreet and many others
Tracks 1, 2, 19, 20. 23. 24 Propeller Music
Tracks 12, 15. 22 FIYing Nun Music
Tracks 10. 13, 16 Mushroom Music
Tracks 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 14. 17 18. 21. 25
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Flying Sun Records Official CD - FNCD279



2. The Scavengers Born To Bullshit
1. Born To Bullshit [The Scavengers]
2. Supported By The State [The Scavengers]


01/01/1980 (308)
EnregistrÈ en 1978 au studio 1ZM
Limited 7" Edition -



3. Divers Move To Riot
1. Born To Bullshit [The Scavengers]


01/01/1978 (279)
A New Zealand Punk Compilation including the Scavengers
Raw Power Records -



4. The Scavengers The Scavengers
1. Mysterex
1. Money In The Bank
2. Routine
2. Born To Bullshit
3. True Love
3. Supported By The State
4. Twenty One
4. Violence
5. Mysterex
5. Brick In The Wall

01/12/1978 (280)
First LP from the punk band of Brendan Perry
Official ZEROX CD - DZEROX01