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Some movies with Dead Can Dance
"Baraka" (Directed by Ron Fricke, 1992)
They contributed "The Host of Seraphim" plus another untitled and unreleased track shawn only in the movie in which Lisa sings.
"El Nino de la Norte" ("Children of the Moon or "Moonchild")
A Spanish film directed by Augustin Villarongas in 1988 in which Lisa Gerrard stars and Dead Can Danú performs the soundtrack. The movie was shawn at Cannes, but DOW the film and soundtrack are unavailable.
"Sophocles Oedipus Rex", a Temenos production in Eire, 1991.
Dead Can Dance perform Lisa Gerrard's score.
At the "Cavan Lakes and Vales Festival", Dead Can Dance conceptualize and perform the music for the parade and closing ceremony of The Lughnasa.
Ad for City Of Joy"
1 saw the ads for "City of Joy" when they were on TV here in the V.S. The promo music was Dead Can Dance's "Cantara" (from With the Realm of a Dying Sun), but the music never appeared in the film (to my knowledge) and l've never heard of any other DCD connection with this film outside of the TV ads.
Lonely Is An Eyesore
There are also three Dead Can Dance videos known outside of the "Lonely is an Eyesore" compilation: they are "Yulunga", "The Host ofSeraphim", and "The Carnival is Over."
AlbertVille Olympic Games
ln 1992, the Albertville Olympic Committee utilised Saille DCD material for the opening ceremonies:
The DCD that was played at the opening of the rVinter Olympics at Albertville was Mother Tongue from Serpent's Egg. This put the final seal on what must be the most original and dazzling Olympic opening ceremonies ever held. Make that one of the most extraodinary pieces of public art l have ever heard of, let alone have the pleasure of seeing.